When you start up a business or if you want to add more
business, you can use a corporation as an investment
vehicle and a bank account to operate the business.   The
main benefits are a corporation is separate legal entity and
with limited liabilities.

The second question is where should this corporation
established.  It depends highly on your current business
purpose, nature of business you are going to carry out and
your future target of the corporation.

We provide corporation formation services at a minimum
service charge of US$300.  All other expenses are on
disbursement basis.

Because of the increase demand in set up offices in China,
recently we have signed up a firm of Chinese Certified Public
Accountants to handle the set up matter for our clients.  
However due to the complexity of the set up process which
may be affected by different forms of offices, locations and
industries that our clients intend to set up.  You are more
than welcomed to send us an email at info@yesingcpa.com
to express your proposed offices.
Company Formation
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Comparative table for different set up locations
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Overseas Ready Made Company List
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Accounting Solutions
We have more than 15 years of experience in tax
service.  Our main services are listed as below
  • Individual, partnership and corporation tax return

  • Tax planning

  • Claiming offshore income in Hong Kong and
    exempt from Hong Kong Profits tax

  • Tax investigation






Our Services
Our Services
KMF & Co., CPA (Practising)
Yesing Accounting Consultants
Business Management
In order to smoothly manage the company in terms of
document flows, human resources or even product flows, we
are prepared to work with you side by side.

We have excellent management staff to fit your need.  
Out-source the management role to us so that you can
concentrate on your business, expenses and time are within
budget, also sometimes it may have tax benefits.

You can click to our management service request form to
see if any service you need.  If you have more complicated
situation, just contact us at info@yesingcpa.com.
Everybody wants to know how much profit he has
earned.  We can provide regular accounting service to
present with simple reports about the performance of
the corporation.

You can send us an email to get a quote.
Tax Consultancy
Audit Services
All companies in established under Hong Kong
Companies Ordinance are required to be audited
annually,  We have sophisticated practising certified public
accountants to handle the audit jobs.  For details and
quotation, please contact us at info@yesingcpa.com
Other Services
During the past years in serving our customers, we establish
friendship with our customers.  We know their needs, not
only handle their business issue, we may also handle
personal or other matters.  We have experience in dealing
  • Working permit or visa application in Hong Kong

  • Notarisation and certification of documents

  • Recruitment

  • Nominee services
Company Secretary
According to the requirements of the Hong Kong
Companies Ordinance, all Hong Kong companies must
have a resident as the company secretary.  Furthermore
the responsibility of the company secretary has been
stated in the Companies Ordinance, we are happy to
provide you with this service.

Overseas Companies:
We have high calibre of staff to deal with the requirement of
Overseas Companies Law (such as Caymand Islands and
British Virgin Islands).  Should you require this service, you
are welcome to contact us at info@yesingcpa.com
(Officially licensed Trust or Company Service Provider
[TCSP] under the Anti-Money Laundering and
Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance (AMLO))